Wednesday, 4 July 2012

June overview

filmbore's first month is complete!

What a month! The inaugural weeks of filmbore have been busy ones, but I'm very pleased how much you've all got involved. Here's a snapshot of the activity in June:

filmbore's birth

After a few initial glitches, I managed to finalise the look-and-feel of filmbore, feeding posts into their associated tabs, creating a nice brand and promoting post activity through Twitter and Facebook. I've had loads of great comments and new followers!

After submitting a welcome note to each page, filmbore went professional with a new domain The site was ready to receive it's initial content...

Whingebox activity and other comments 

Before the first article on the WhingeBox was uploaded, a stream of comments were posted on the tab's welcome post (thanks Skarba). What's the worst film you've ever seen? Plenty of chatter and debate on this one!, the first official article was posted: Prometheus - worth the hype and wait?, addressing the way the Hollywood machine builds up movies which rarely deliver. Come and read the article and post your comments now to get the debate going.

Lets Whinge!

Pick of the week - recap

The other first piece of official content was the first pick of the week, Cell 211, which was followed by three other reviews over the subsequent weeks... 211 is an astonishing Spanish prison drama, which is beautifully written and well directed. Juan is in the wrong place and the wrong time. Can he keep up appearances? The performances in this are electric and it's a great movie if introducing somebody new to world cinema.

Tyrannosaur is Paddy Considine's directorial debut, and in this he proves his ability to step behind the lens and create magic as adept as he does in front of it. Peter Mullan and Olivia Colman are stunning in this, and the film is a great example of honest, gritty British cinema. you fancy a bit of the dark side, you can't go wrong with Ben Wheatley's genius film Kill List. Neil Maskell finally gets the lead he deserves, and commands the screen in this incredible medley of genres. Two ex-soldiers taking down a list of bureaucratic targets get more than they bargained for. Not for the weak of stomach! No One rounds up the month of June, and what a film to end on. Like Paddy Considine, mentioned above, Guillaume Canet proves once again the actor-shall-become-director theory is a sound one with this immaculate picture of a man wrongfully accused of his wife's murder; his determination to find his lost love driven by evidence of her potential existence. Watch this now!

To see all of the posts for June, scroll down the right-hand side of the page until you reach the Blog Archive section and click through the links.

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