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August Overview

A boost of activity - August triumphs!

August was a busy time for filmbore. The way the weekends landed meant there was an extra review to normal, further articles long awaited finally pushed through the fray, and terrible news prompted sweet memories of geniuses that have left our realm.

But, every one else was busy too...The sporadic nature of the weather in the UK meant that nobody knew if they were coming or going. The football season kicked off again, along with the inevitable banter that partners it. And the Olympics thrived from surprise successes and feats of near superhuman proportions. It's was a time for hectic schedules, quick decisions and incredible achievements.

Now that it's all over, you might have five minutes to look over the activity on the filmbore site that you may have overlooked during this tumultuous month. Here's a recap of what went on...

5 film reviews!

Thanks for your unique timing August! So, due to a bonus Friday within the month's 31 days you were treated with not just the standard 4 pick-of-the-weeks but a total of 5 of them! Here's what I selected for you: true, British film of grit, spit and sweat, Neds smashed onto the rental scene over a year ago, but it still leaves a mark in the air. Peter Mullan sits behind the camera on this one (along with a co-starring role). However, it's the outstanding youthful cast that really stand out, especially in the the lead Conor McCarron as we see him transform throughout the piece's journey. shows you what you can do with your self-perpetuating luck if it was a tangible commodity that you could use to your advantage, especially in black-market gambling. We experience this new world through the eyes (although sometimes blindfolded!) of Tomás as he is introduced to his new ability. A great choice for foreign cinema newbies due to it's Anglo-Spanish production, this is wonderful indie with a really unique theme. you've heard of the Stanford Prison Experiment or not, you have to see the incredible Das Experiment. A realistic, humorous, emotional ride through the psychology of a human being's behaviours and instincts. Loosely taken from true events, this is German drama at it's rawest, presenting cracking performances and authentic relationships.
I may have said this numerous times, but Brotherhood is one of the greatest war films ever made. You are doing yourself an injustice by not watching this. The intensity of the two brother's relationship, and their impending journeys through different destinies strive to support an incredible passionate drama of how family and honour are affected by war. Set in South Korea just as the civil war breaks out, this is a must see! And Bull has an identity like no other, and it's proud of that. It's the ideal choice for anyone who wants to delve into some truly quirky British humour, as we bear witness to the wonkiest trip round Europe ever. As you unravel the reasons for Stephen's agoraphobic, depressed, OCD lifestyle you are gifted with a unique comedic story, plus the fantastic sets will stick in your mind forever!

filmbore whinged...then flipped to the positive

It's a frustration that the movie-making machine still churns out recycled rubbish in regular intervals, but even more annoying is the constant interest in remaking foreign films in an identical fashion just to get western audiences to watch a film without the subtitles. All of this keeps happening, while the studios pocket some profits form somebody else's genius. I explored numerous examples on my article Like for like remakes...why?!? and hope to raise awareness of this travesty. Please take a look at the piece and leave your comments and views., my mire of anguish on the matter slowly sunk away as I fondly remembered the handful of genuinely good revisits to some great films, so I put together (what I feel to be) the Top 10 of Decent Remakes. Take a look and see if you agree. If you don't, and feel I've missed some films out, please post your comments at the bottom of the article. The rule is that the remake has to actually be a remake for starters, then be a unique and justified version with artistic merit. You may be surprised that some of these films are even remakes, but it's proof that sometimes, remixing can work!

Sad news...

Finally, we were all saddened to hear of the loss of two great producers last month - Brian Gerber and Tony Scott.
Tony Scott (1944 - 2012)
Brian Gerber (1971 - 2012)
In honour to the latter's passing, I've put together a small tribute, containing clips that I consider to be his more rebellious and rock-n-roll moments... the way he will want us to remember him. Please take the time to watch the scenes, and if you have any other moments of madness, or maverick scenes from his movies, please add them to the comments box.

Rest in peace.

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