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filmbore wants you! Flashback to February 2013

filmbore wants you! February 2013

We're getting close to the finishing line for this now, so you have but days to cast your votes and views on the first 52 reviews posted on filmbore from June 2012 to May 2013. Each pick-of-the-week is in with the chance to be in a special Top 20, listing the best of the bunch...  

Let's flashback to February 2013!

filmbore went all newsy in February this year. First, I gifted you all with some special behind-the-scenes shots on the filming of the sequel to the Raid, Berendal (you can also read my review of the first outing The Raid here). Amazingly, I'm still on page 1 of a Google search if you type in "Berendal", about fifth the last time I checked (the other week I was second!). Also, I posted an article on an incredible new method of experiencing film with the launch of many worlds

But the greatest news of all came int he form of worldwide success at one of the most moving documentaries I've seen in years, with awards galore going to the beautiful Searching For Sugar Man. Not only did the film sweep the documentary gong at the BAFTA's this year but it managed it again at the Oscars too! In fact, this just happens to be one of the picks for February, so let's take a look at those now...that's why we're here after all!

So, from the four chosen for February 2013, so any take your fancy for the ultimate Top 20? We're you surprised and moved by Van Damme's performance in the hugely misunderstood comedy drama JCVD? Or did the success, as mentioned above, of Searching For Sugar Man tempt you into it's grip, to learn of one of the most touching stories the music industry has ever seen? Then again, you rarely get more emotional than the raw thriller by Shane Meadows, Dead Man's Shoes, with Paddy Considine's strongest performance to date. Or are you more from the avant-garde crowd, totally captivated by the spinning web of vignette's of Leos Carax's sensational return to film, Holy Motors

It's a touch choice...but without your voice they may not get noticed. Should one, some or all of these films be considered in my ultimate Top 20 of the first year of filmbore? You must comment below!

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