Monday, 12 June 2017

filmbore reflects - the filmbore manifesto

It's been a long hiatus. A lot has happened. 

Now the blogging recommences. Filmbore returns!

For any of you that have followed my 'filmbore reflects' posts on Facebook over the last few months, you'll be aware of the little journey I've been on. When I originally set out to do these reflections, they were meant as warm ups to a new wave of articles. I've neglected my previous pieces, so I felt a re-visit to them may reignite my 'inner-critic'. 

What's been surprising is that they've been quintessential into exploring my way of writing, where I have come out of the other side with some lessons learnt...the biggest lesson of which is how much I've missed doing this!

For example, on my last 'filmbore reflects', where I talked about my review of Paprika, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed writing these. It really shone through in the text. Revisiting my Top Ten Scary Rabbits post, I could see how I had fun being more playful with the article and it reads so much better because of it. These are important factors that will keep me invested in filmbore

I used to spend a lot more time on the articles too. My earlier postings were shorter, so easier to manage but, as the reviews got bigger, my time got squeezed. In future, it would be prudent to show patience, making sure I spend enough time fine tuning each piece.

Overall, I'm just aware of overlooking the site entirely. There are many justifiable reasons for this: 

  • an over-saturation of independent and foreign cinema, leading me to watch a lot more commercial films
  • catching up with lots of anime series
  • playing too many computer games
  • experiencing major changes in my work life
  • experiencing even bigger ones in my love life
  • plenty of much needed chilling

...but the biggest impact was my social life! 

Meeting and getting to know my incredible wife (that's right...there's a Mrs.filmbore now!) and spending a lot of time with my friends, I've spent the last year and half catching up with my world. Being sociable is a massive part of my life and that's not going to change, but certain elements can...

Hence the following manuscript. With a recent peak in interest in British politics, I felt the best way of presenting my new-found approach to filmbore would be through a manifesto of my own.  The following items are a list of policies, in tune with the above lessons, that I will adhere to meet in order to allow filmbore to flourish once again:

    1. Reinvigorate my passion for independent and world cinema, including involvement in local projects and artists.
    2. Don't let this become a chore or job. I do this because I love it. Too regimented dampens the enjoyment.
    3. Actively allocate writing time for both filmbore posts and to sate my cravings for writing my own stories.
    4. Less social media interaction. Great for promoting my work and getting in touch with all you lovely, dedicated followers.  However, constant checking of Facebook , for example, holds little value.
    5. Ensure my focus on filmbore doesn’t impact on my social life. There's room in my life for both. Keep momentum in my social life while embedding filmbore into it. Writing-Life balance is vital!
    6. Less time on games, random TV shows and anime. I love them all but I've had my fill. Less of these and more filmbore-centric stuff needed (some anime films count though!)
    7. Spend more time on editing my work. Take my time. Exercise patience. Post when perfect.
    8. Have a little more fun with some articles. No need to be so formal with some of these. Be creative and silly.
    9. Ensure I discuss thematics of films. Not all critics do and this is something I like to explore. May not always be relevant but where it is...delve deeper!
    10. Write shorter reviews sometimes. They are punchier and easier to digest. Not every article needs to be an essay.
    11. Keep writing. Keep posting. Keep challenging. This is supposed to be enjoyable but there's a purpose here.
                            filmbore started with:
                            "I take pride in recommending lesser known films to my friends and colleagues. I'd like to use this knowledge to help promote indie and foreign films as much as possible. These will always be decent movies from the past and present, so please re-post this wherever you can and tell your friends on all your networks.
                            Let's give these films a better platform!" 
                            And I will continue to help give lesser known films a better platform.

                            There we have it. The filmbore manifesto. I will endeavour to adhere to this manuscript in this new phase of the site. And, along with other new phases in my life, with marriage, new homes and (hopefully) some filmbore-juniors in the mix, I can't think of a better time for a new beginning.

                            Filmbore comes back in full effect, stronger than ever, more passionate than ever, more focused than ever. Bring it!

                            Don't forget to leave comments below, tweet me @filmbore or post on my Facebook page here.

                            Or, if you disagree with my policies, you can email me directly at

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