Sunday, 26 August 2012

In memory of the great Tony Scott

The tragic news of Tony Scott's death one week ago has affected lovers of film all over the world. What's surprisingly wonderful though is that, in the wake of his passing, the discussions brought up by his fans isn't so much of "why did he do it" but "wow, what great films he's made in his life". This is a fitting tribute to the man, as this already proves that it's his art and his creativity that he will be remembered for.

Therefore, in honour to the gentleman fondly referred to as the "rock and roll" element to the Scott brotherhood, I'd like to re-cap over some prize moments of the man's career, and in true leftfield, filmbore style, namely the more wonkier moments in his movies. Enjoy...

The Last Boy Scout - "I'm awake"

Underrated and slightly mocked, this romp of a buddy movie has some cracking dialogue, but it's the cigarette craving "I'm awake" scene that you remember most, not just from the strangely relaxed Jo Hollenbeck (Bruce Willis) but the shocking swiftness in dealing with his nicotine supplier.

Beverly Hills Cop II -Shooting Gallery

There are so many hilarious scenes to choose from in Tony Scott's answer to Axel Foley, and I was tempted to include them all, but I think it's more fitting to show the brief clip of the Shooting Gallery scene just for the final moment. In the vicinity of nearby criminals, Axel can't help but revolt against the system before him and use his own gun - bucking the trend just like Tony!

Crimson Tide - Silver Surfer fight

I love a good debate, but sometimes they get nasty. Especially the serious topics. But none more serious than the spat between two stressed out submariners in Crimson Tide. So, with our priorities in check...Kirby or Moebius?

True Romance - Confiding in Elvis

With so many crazy moments in this bizarre but brilliant modern fairy tale (including some unique casting in both Brad Pitt and Gary Oldman), it's Clarence's one-to-one with The King which sticks in the mind the most. Nothing like your own subliminal version of your hero to egg you on!

Top Gun - Watch The Birdie!

Tony Scott is more famously known for this 80s blockbuster classic. As a film maker he was always a "Maverick" and this scene with the upside down MiG fighter jet proves it. A flick of the bird and quick camera shot later, this brief clip sums up the rebellious nature of the man. No matter what views the critics may have of his output, he made whichever films he wanted in whatever way he liked. If someone told him "You can't fly a MiG an an inverted engagement with another jet", he'd go and do it to prove them wrong! That's why this clip is pure Tony Scott, and with scenes like this to remind us of him, he'll be sorely missed!

Tony Scott (1944 - 2012 ) R.I.P

Please feel free to share other crazy and funny moments from Tony Scott's roster of films by adding them in the comments section below.

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