Friday, 8 June 2012

First real content!

Hi everyone,

After filmbore's first week, there seems to be a little bit of attention, which is a great start. And, I'm pleased to announce the first posted content for the site is now available...

filmbore's pick of the week - Cell 211 

The first unique film selected for the site is Cell 211. A gritty, prison drama from Spain, and the perfect choice to christen the pages of filmbore.

Go to the filmbore pick of the week page to read the full review.

Prometheus – worth the hype and wait?
Following the release of Prometheus, I've seen many sad faces.

Why do we get so excited about the big films coming our way, when more often than not we're let down like a lonely balloon after the wedding party's left?

Come join the WhingeBox & let filmbore know your view on the matter.

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