Saturday, 2 June 2012


Welcome to filmbore!

I'm a film buff (or as my friends affectionately call me…a film geek!) and I, like many of you, trawl the Internet on a regular basis for juicy gossip and upcoming news on the latest cinema releases. There are some great websites out there, replenishing our cinematic hunger with gen on major movies and the odd independent one.

But as a fan of true British movies (and, I would like to think myself a bit of a connoisseur of world cinema too) there isn't a central place to find out of films of this ilk.

Yes...this is my DVD collection!

So, I've taken it upon myself to start a blog in order to promote independent and foreign movies. Plus, it's a great way to get all my exciting chat on films out of my system without boring all my friends about it!

And here it is...filmbore! Each week, I'll be selecting and reviewing a film that fits this unique criteria. They won't always be recent films either. This is apparent for indie movies as they are never always discovered upon release, so I'll be choosing brand new hot flicks to undiscovered beauties.

Also, for a bit of fun and discussion I'll be posting some  Top 10s (come on movie buffs...we all love a good list!), sometimes with a different flavour to those that you'll find on more common websites.

And, coming soon will be the "Pick A Country" tab, where I will attempt to select one film per country that, in my opinion, best represents their cinematic output...I except a lot of feedback on that page!

Finally, there's the WhingeBox! Every now and then, I'll post a topic open for debate with you all. Either my own thoughts, or elements picked up on movie news elsewhere, I'll start the ball rolling for a good old British whinge...we all like a good film debate. :)

Along with the odd twitter feed that you'll see, I hope you get a little something out of this. Even if you find one new amazing film to watch from this, I feel that I've served my purpose in life.

My contact details are in my profile, so please feel free to contact or tweet me directly.

La lumiere, la camera, l'action!

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