Sunday, 3 June 2012

Top 10s with a difference

Film buffs like lists. It's a fact…a sad fact, but a true one. I'm a sucker for a good top ten so it makes sense that I post some myself.
These won't always be your standard top ten's either. They may be a little alternative from time to time, but I like to keep it interesting.

Enjoy, and if you feel I've left any films out of these lists email or tweet me. Or, if you have any ideas for top tens yourself let me know as I may include these on the site in future...and attempt to do them justice!

IMDB's Top 10 movies (as voted by users)


  1. No surprise to see The Shawshank Redemption at the top of the tree!

    It's a masterpiece that may never be topped. Incredible in every single aspect.

    Films like that always make me wonder how it would have turned out with a different cast or perhaps being narrated by someone else instead of Morgan Freeman, who I have to say is, in my view the best narrator in the business.

    Good to see that the Godfather Parts 1 & 2 received a lot of votes. Again, film-making at it's finest and one of the best Trilogys ever.

    I was surprised to see only one of the Lord of the Rings films making the top ten, although either parts of 'The Hobbit' could well be a contender to break into this bracket if they live up to the extremely high expectations that people will have for them.

    Can't wait for those!

  2. I can't agree with Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight or Lord of the Rings in this. Love LOTR but top ten films of all time is difficult to justify. Pulp Fiction, in my opinion, is overrated and The Dark Knight was too confused at the end to be considered a great film. It was two films joined together.

    Shawshank Redemption is a good call but as a Stephen King adaption I would give a shout to both the Green Mile and the original The Shining as contenders.

    My personal 10 are, in no particular order : -

    High Noon. An all time classic
    Alien. Still scares the hell out of me now.
    Shane. A western with just two gunfights. Charles Bronsons first film and an absolutely brilliant tale about a man who knows his time has gone.
    The Shining. Heres Jonny!
    All Quiet On The Western Front. The original from the 30's. A film about the horror of war and the sacrifice of youth that pulled no punches what-so-ever
    Shenandoah. Love James Stewart and this film was one of his that I thought "I can't believe they've just done that"
    Angels With Dirty Faces. Jimmy Cagney going yella.
    Terminator-perfect casting and a strong story
    Airplane-The first, and finest, film of a whole comedy genre.
    Dawn of the Living Dead-In here over Night of the due to probably the best scene in the whole of cinema. The shopping centre! The remake missed the whole point of that one scene and wasted the setting.

    My ten which won't be everybody's but I'd watch these again and again.