Sunday, 3 June 2012


Welcome to the WhingeBox.

It's easy sometimes to get bothered about a bit of film news, or how bad a film was adapted, or how wrongly cast somebody was…blah, blah, blah. What's more annoying (and probably more for the recipient) is when no-one cares!

Fear not, as the WhingeBox is listening. I'll be posting little concerns now and then for discussion. Please comment if you agree or not and get the debate starting.


  1. I am going to ask what is your least favourite film? personally I am a lover of Sandra Bullock films- speed is amazing- however All About Steve is perhaps one of the worst films I have ever seen!

  2. Fantastic...the chats are already starting before anything solid is posted...I like it! :)

    There's a lot to choose from really (I haven't seen All About Steve myself so can't comment) but my first thoughts are with two films. Controversially, I'm not a fan of Titanic. I love some pretty dark movies, but despise the "hollywood-isation" of a catastrophe were thousands of people tragically died, and the powers that be deem it necessary to create some sappy love story out of it. Sickening!

    The second is Butterfly Effect 2. The first film was fantastic, and a great alternative role for Ashton Kutcher to prove that he can handle a good part when he's got a decent script (enough of the rom-coms Ashton!) but the sequel is appalling. A wasted opportunity that's just an excuse for some soft-porn in my opinion...a terrible film!

    Skarba has started a good chat here everyone, so lets keep it up.

    What films do you despise?

    1. The later Saw films.

      At first they were original and 'clever', however they've now regressed into 'how extreme can we get'.

      What next, 90 minutes of someone being disemboweled?

      Not exactly entertainment!

      On another note, how many times can all the loose ends be tied up, only for the guy to return?

    2. I have to take exception StreetSi! :)

      As a massive fan of the Saw movies, I loved every minute of the entire franchise!

      The original film was made as a 'one off', but a quick cult following showed clear potential for a sequel.

      For the record I thought the first film was an absolute masterpiece in it's execution and the brilliantly devised twist at the end.

      It really is one of those movies that has you egging on the characters to somehow survive!

      I thought the second film was a good watch, but weakly scripted and that led to problems with the scripts for subsequent films.

      They switched directors and scriptwriters on a few occasions to try and recover some of the sub-plots that had developed more holes than a tramps vest!

      Anyway...I will miss the yearly installments of these great films, but at least I have them on DVD to enjoy and re-live! :)

    3. I agree, the first film was original and interesting, but they just became derivative afterwards.

      This is what happens when the bean counters take over!

  3. home alone 3 (home alone was shit in many ways as well, but the style of it was relatively new at that time and captured peopels imaginations, especially me at a young age. i wanted to be caulkin, with millions, being in films, because of home alone). but the kid in home alone 3, i just wanna kill him. and his family. i really wanted 'the bad guys' to shoot him to pieces. and the fact that home alone and HA 2 concentrate on the rogues Joe Pesci and the other dude but then in HA 3 its suddenly fucks me off as well. part of the terrorists are everywhere propaganda which we also have Die Hard franchise to thank for. not that die hard wasnt a cool action flick in its day, but the imperialist, anti-communist 'russian terrorists' story line is blatant propaganda by hollywood. anyway, i will shut up now.

  4. I truly hated Batman Begins, what the hell was he doing in jail, then up a mountain with a load of ninjas and a jedi. I like my batman in Gotham, being all moody and upset about his parents, not messing about with blue flowers dammit! I know people say it's closer to the comics or whatever but I can't stand it!
    That or The Room, but I think that might actually be so bad that it's good, not really sure lol!

  5. I Am Legend. Anything that can take such quality source material and totally lose everything that made it classic literature deserves contempt. Not watched Will Smith since.

  6. I have to take this opportunity to whinge about the film adaptation of one of the most fascinating serial killers in modern history.

    BTK (the movie based on Dennis Rader - The BTK killer) was such a let down!

    This was a movie that really got me excited and I expected an absolute grip-fest extravaganza...only to be left thinking "Did I really just waste the best part of an hour and a half of my life on that cack?!"

    Gutted that the opportunity to make an incredible film was passed up and a half-baked pile of camel dung was served up instead. :(

  7. Its gotta be "Postal", that was a terrible, terrible movie by a shite, shite, director!

  8. hated the nolan films and bales gravelly voice. ledger was the one saving grace!